Canon chip resetter

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Canon chip resetter

Chip reseter for Canon PGI-5 and CLI-8 ink tanks & chips
Chip reseter for Canon PGI-520 and CLI-521 ink tanks & chips
Chip resetter for Canon PGI525 & CLI526 ink tanks & chips
Universal chip resetter for Canon PGI-220/320/520/820 & CLI-221/321/521/821 ink tanks

All recent Canon printers with individual ink tanks use ink level chips. There is a small IC chip fitted to each ink tank, which stores it's ink level information (as well as other data) generated by the printer driver. This information is then displayed on-screen as the Canon ink monitor (ink gauge). When ink level in any black or colour ink tank gets low, Canon printers automatically stop printing and present "Ink has run out" error (as below).

Note: It makes absolutely no difference, how much ink there is in the ink tank. If the ink chip says that ink tank is empty, you are not printing anything - until the offending "empty" tank is replaced. Even if cartridge is topped up well before empty, it makes no difference to the ink monitor. The actual ink level is not relevant!

So...what can you do about Canon ink chips?

This can be a confusing subject, due to the different options for various printer models. If you have difficulty taking it all in, please email: with your printer model and have the best solution worked out for you.

There is number of ways to deal with the ink monitor, depending on your printer model and what's available for it. 

1 - Disable the ink monitor
This is the cheapest option that works with most Canon (chipped) printers. If you have a Canon for which a chip resetter is not available (eg Canon with 1 black and 1 tricolour cartridge), it might well be the only solution. Click here to learn how to disable Canon ink monitor. Disabling the ink monitor may be the cheapest option, but is more an emergency fix than a permanent solution. With the monitor disabled, the ink levels don't display any more and the printer will not stop printing - when out of ink either. Unless your printer is set up with continuous ink, or chip resetter is not want to see the ink level display - so you know when to refill each ink tank.  Without chip resetter, the first indication you get is when the ink runs out.  

2 - Buy refillable ink tanks
This option applies to most Canon printers using individual ink tanks - not 1 black and 1 tricolour cartridge. To cut long story short...refillable ink tanks are purpose built, easy to refill versions of genuine Canon ink tanks. The reset technology is either built into the chips themselves (auto-reset chips) or a chip resetter is used (manual-reset chips). Find Canon refillable ink cartridges here   - with either manual or auto-reset chips.

3 - Reset the ink tank chips
It may sound technical, but resetting Canon chips is really quite easy. It involves buying a chip resetter for your Canon model and using it - every time you refill each ink tank. The printer reads reset ink tanks same as full, new Canon ink tanks and the ink monitoring stays fully functional.

How to reset Canon chips..?

Remove ink tank from printer, place it in the resetter cradle and gently push it down against the resetter contacts. When the tank LED lights up  (in about 5 seconds), the reset is finished. The ink level is restored - to full. All you have to do then, is refill the tank with ink, fit it back in the printer - and resume your print job. That's it...

Note: Not all generic (compatible) chips are "resettable", but most do reset ok. Some non Canon ink tanks don't have the chip LED, so it may not light up in the resetter. This doesn't mean the chip doesn't reset. In most cases the chips still reset fine, just without the LED confirmation. Some cartridges/chips may only flash once momentarily in the resetter and not light up solid. This still resets the chips ok in most cases.

Canon chip resetter info...

Ink tanks (chips) reset using a chip resetter perform exactly the same as new in all Canon printers that use them incl:

iP3300/3500/3600/ 4200/4300/4500/4600/4680/4700/4850/4950/5200/6600, iX4000/5000/6650, MP500/600/800/900, MX600/700/800 series,  Pro9000, MG5150/5250/5350/6150/6250/8150/8250 etc.

Even printers with ink monitoring disabled - will display ink levels again and work just like new after resetting the chips.

All chip resetters at druckerpatronentankstellen deare quality design and are well constructed. They are reliable, easy to use and covered by one year replacement warranty, as well as 100% satisfaction guarantee. Instructions (in English) included.

Note: USB Canon resetters don't use batteries. USB (printer) cable is required.

Canon chip resetter + ink bundles

Refill ink bundles for PGI-5 & CLI-8, PGI-520 & CLI-521, PGI-525, CLI-526 (refill ink kit + Canon chip resetter) now available for all printers that use these ink tanks. Follow this link - to find Canon chip resetter + ink bundles.

Please contact us for more info.

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